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About Woodchuck Lacrosse

Lacrosse is America's oldest sport and still remains the fastest growing sport in the country. The Woodchuck Lacrosse curriculum puts a unique spin on the game we love. Our coaches emphasize fundamental skill development, and keep the game progressive, competitive and fun! We teach the game in a way that inspires creativity while challenging our youth to reach their full potential!

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School Programs

Our Woodchuck Lacrosse School Programs create a positive environment that allows our athletes to feel safe and comfortable. Our curriculum includes traditional and non-traditional lacrosse drills and games that challenge our athletes to think creatively while mastering fundamental lacrosse skills!

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Vermont Box Lacrosse League

The Vermont Box Lacrosse League (VBLL) is hosted in the Summer to provide players a fun, affordable space to learn about and play true box lacrosse. 

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Little Chucks

Our Little Chucks Program is for youth players looking for a fun, easy place to play lacrosse throughout the summer. Our mission is to provide the opportunity for our young athletes to play lacrosse locally at an affordable cost. We maintain a safe and positive environment that encourages players to try new techniques, make mistakes, be creative and have fun!

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