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About Us

Lacrosse is a fast physical game encompassing specific skills, agility, team work, physical conditioning, discipline, trust and respect. While being America's oldest sport, lacrosse still remains the fastest growing sport in the country. We aid our sports growth by offering a multitude of programs with exceptional coaching focused on athlete development. The Woodchuck Lacrosse curriculum puts a unique spin on the game we love. Our elite coaches emphasize fundamental skill development, at the same time keeping the game progressive, competitive and fun! We teach the game in a way that inspires creativity while challenging our athletes to reach their full potential!

Mission Statement

Our mission at Woodchuck Lacrosse Development, LLC is to grow the game of lacrosse in Central Vermont. We do this by providing athletes the opportunity to experience elite coaching outside of their spring season, at an affordable cost. Woodchuck Lacrosse is committed to the development of every athlete in our program. It is our mission to share our passion for lacrosse and knowledge of the game with as many people as possible.

Coaching Philosophy

Woodchuck Lacrosse offers various off-season, developmental lacrosse programs. Our coaching philosophy prioritizes athletic growth and development specific to our sport. The Woodchuck Lacrosse curriculum emphasizes small-sided, traditional and non-traditional, lacrosse drills and games that reinforce the skills and techniques we teach. Understanding the benefits of positive reinforcement, our coaches excel in creating a fun environment that is instructional, progressive, safe, and competitive! 

All of our Woodchuck Lacrosse Programs are specifically geared towards skill development while expanding each athlete's lacrosse IQ. Through experience and research, we have identified key fundamental offensive and defensive skills needed to be a successful lacrosse player. During our sessions and practices, we explicitly focus on teaching our athletes the techniques used to master these skills. The techniques and skills that we teach are consistently reinforced through our unique drills and games. By playing progressive, small-sided lacrosse games in a highly competitive environment, our athletes are challenged to think outside the box while developing their game. 

Finally, our coaches understand the importance of creating a fun, competitive, yet “mistake friendly” environment that fosters creativity and growth. When learning new techniques athletes will make mistakes. That is okay, and is an essential part of the developmental process. Our athletes are not punished for making mistakes. When they make a mistake they are reminded of the technique to fire upon the next time they are in that situation. This reduces stress and anxiety, allowing our athletes to become more confident and creative lacrosse players.


Looking to participate in a sport that requires skill, fitness, strategic thinking and the desire to play as part of a team? Whichever level lacrosse player you are, our Woodchuck Lacrosse experience will enhance your life by improving fitness and coordination.

Whether you are looking to participate casually or competitively, you'll find all of our Woodchuck Lacrosse Programs to be a great place to learn new skills and meet new friends. Click the link below to see what we offer!