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Mission Statement & Values

Mission Statement

We envision the sport of lacrosse, its lessons, and history to be accessible and inclusive regardless of an individual’s socioeconomic status, race, gender or location.

Coaching Philosophy

We believe in applying Social Emotional Learning techniques to create a fun, competitive, yet “mistake friendly” environment that fosters creativity and growth. When learning new techniques, our youth will make mistakes. We know that is okay, and it is an essential part of the developmental process. When they make a mistake, we remind them of the technique to use next time. This philosophy reduces stress and anxiety, and allows our youth to become more confident and creative individuals.

All of our Woodchuck Lacrosse Programs apply social emotional learning techniques to teach motor skill development through lacrosse skill techniques. During our programs, we explicitly focus on teaching our athletes the techniques used to master these skills. The techniques and skills that we teach are consistently reinforced through our unique drills and games. By playing progressive, small-sided lacrosse games in a highly competitive environment, our athletes are challenged to think outside the box while developing as individuals.

Woodchuck Lacrosse believes youth sports should be accessible to all children. 

  • Affordable: We seek grant funding and donations to provide all of our programming for free or a reduced rate to make Woodchuck Lacrosse as accessible as possible. 

  • Welcoming: Everyone is invited to play, children do not have to “try out” to “make” our teams. 

  • Differentiating: Children want different things from the sport of lacrosse. Some only play the sport during our Physical Education clinics, others want to play the game more competitively. Regardless of why the child wants to play, we create an environment for them to succeed and have fun. 

  • Choice: We offer different programs throughout the year for families to choose what they can play and what they can afford, “a la carte” style, so they are not forced to pay a high annual fee. 

  • Multi-Sport: Outside of our school and afterschool programs, our weekly programming runs periodically so children have the space to play different sports throughout the year. 

We believe in the Norwegian vision for youth sports, “Joy of Sport for All”. We promise children a fun, safe place to play the sport of lacrosse, not a college scholarship. We partner with youth sports associations across the state to advertise their programming, not expensive “travel” teams. We coordinate with schools to introduce the sport to all students, not just those who have the resources to have already played.